Tract 1636 - (vacant) Edgewood Rd/M-139, Oronoko Twp, Berrien County, Michigan

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Tract 1636 is vacant land located east of Edgewood Rd and north of M-139 in Oronoko Township, Berrien County, Michigan.

MDOT Control Section 11057, Parcel 219N Pt B

Part of Tax ID: 11-15-0011-0010-00-3

Tract 1636 contains 3.50 acres, more or less.

Access to Tract 1636 is via a 50 foot wide easement for ingress/egress to Edgewood Rd. (see attached survey)

This parcel of land may contain listed plant species that are protected under Michigan's Endangered Species Act

The MDOT Endangered Species Specialist completed an office review of this tract to determine the potential for the presence of state and federally listed plant species. This review indicates that there are 6 records for state-protected (listed) plant species within a 2 square mile radius of Tract 1636. Many of these records are within a smaller radius of 0.5 mile from Tract 1636. These species are regulated by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) and are protected under Michigan's Endangered Species Act.

Species known to occur within a two-mile radius of the site include:

1) Trillium sessile [Toadshade] - State Endangered (three locations)

2) Collinsia verna [Spring Blue-Eyed Mary] - State Special Concern (two locations)

3) Polemonium reptans [Jacob's Ladder] - State Threatened (two locations)

4) Morus rubra [Red Mulberry] - State Threatened

5) Trillium recurvatum [Wood Lily] - State Threatened

6) Oxalis violacea [Violet Wood-Sorrel] - State Extirpated

Prior to any development, the Purchaser should contact the MDNR for further information. The site should be field surveyed by a qualified botanist/biologist to determine the presence/absence of listed plant species on the parcel. If species are located the new owner can work directly with the MDNR to complete the permitting process prior to development.

Please post any questions regarding the property at the end of the auction page